Round Peg In A Square Hole.

by | Aug 9, 2021

Did you read that right? Isn’t supposed to be “square peg in a round hole”?

Meh. Either way, it’s not working.

You might be thinking, “What the sam hill is she talking about and what does it have to do with food?”

Well, stay with me.

I’m suggesting that we’ve all got metaphorical square holes and we’re trying to fill them with round pegs. Visualize it: that round peg is going to slip right through a square hole. Schlwoop! You tried to fill a square hole problem with a round peg solution but it didn’t fix it at all. It just slipped right through.

Imagine if you will… the round peg is food. Try as you might, that round peg is never going to satisfy a square hole. Schwloop! Right on through, no satisfaction, no ‘problem-solved’, just the same empty square hole.

Are you still with me? I bet you are; I bet you’re already ahead of me.

The square hole isn’t anything food can fix. The square hole is the way you’re feeling. Could be bored, tired, angry, lonely, unappreciated, overwhelmed… And your habitual method of filling that hole is to toss the round peg of food into it. You’re looking for comfort, but you don’t get it (schlwoop).

Instead, you feel empty and frustrated. You might even feel some guilt or shame. I’m hoping you’re not beating yourself up about it, but you probably are.

My job – my passion – is to teach you how to get some square pegs to fill those square holes. I can help you dig into those holes and find out what will really fill them. We’ll figure out which square pegs are right for you personally and design ways you can use them to truly fill you up rather than continuing to reach for food.

Ok, I know, we’re both tired of the metaphor now, so I’ll stop. But you know what I’m talking about.

I can help you free up from emotional eating and find ways to be intentional about how you take care of yourself. If you’re tired of doing what you always do and feeling the way you always feel, shoot me an email and let’s talk. Hesitation and skepticism welcome, just reach out.

Thanks for reading. I feel pretty good about the metaphor. It’s pretty darn timely, because I’m hosting a workshop about Deconstructing Cravings – skills you can use to figure out what your cravings are all about and how to truly satisfy them. Good news, some of those pegs are indeed food.


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Is this you? You feel confused and and powerless over your eating. You truly want to learn how to feel confident and trust yourself around food. What if being confident about your relationship with food made you feel more confident in every area of your life? Imagine feeling good about yourself no matter what! Let’s talk about making that happen.

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Hi! I’m Jennifer. I want to help you heal your relationship with food. I believe you can move away from emotional eating and be able to trust yourself around food, you just need a little help. You can look forward to being happy, joyous, and free of the guilt and shame that comes with chronic overeating. Let’s talk! The sooner the better. If you’re ready to feel confident and in charge of your life, now is the time.

Your friend, Jennifer


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