There is a Better Way to Eat

by | Feb 1, 2022

Ever heard of Intentional Eating? Maybe not. I love the phrase, and thought I made it up, but a quick Google search reveals that lots of people use the term, which undermines my unique genius and is a total drag. But “Intentional Eating”, the way I use it, is an approach to eating and living that I’ve cultivated as a solution for the many women I’ve worked with who beat up on themselves for the way they eat. It’s brilliant.

If you struggle with food, and if you tend to feel bad about yourself for the way you eat – overeating, stress eating, emotional eating, junk food eating, mindless eating, etc, Intentional Eating is going to rock your world and give you your life back.

It’s an anti-diet approach, a blend of the principles of Intuitive Eating© and the concepts of 12-step programs. I’m so excited about this. I’ve witnessed amazing transformations in the women I work with – they’re letting go of the frustration of dieting, and learning new skills and a new approach to eating that supports them in feeling confident about their food choices and feeling good about themselves. It’s the perfect antidote to a lifetime of eating mindlessly and being steeped in self-judgement.

My clients have told me that where they used to struggle with guilt and shame, they’re now enjoying more self-compassion and improved self-esteem. They’re enjoying a new freedom and a new happiness around food and eating, and those new realities have positively impacted every area of their lives. I love being part of this!

You’re the grown up in charge of you – that’s my core philosophy in Intentional Eating. Ultimately, it’s you alone who decides what you eat. What you choose, and why you choose it, are within your power. You have the power. As Nnedi Okorafor is quoted as saying (although I’d swear it was Glinda the Good Witch who said it), “Use your power for good, not evil”. What that means to me is that in all situations, especially when you’re feeding yourself, you do the best you can to take care of yourself. On purpose. Intentionally. The what, where, and how of eating is secondary. It’s the why – your Intention – that’s most important. And being true to yourself – that’s the best why there is.

The concept is singularly simple, but it’s not easy. Next week I’ll explain how Intentional Eating can release you from the guilt and shame you feel about what you eat, no matter what.

If you’re stuck in a cycle of mindless eating and finding it hard to change…

If you’re beating yourself up for having no will power…

If you judge yourself as “good” or “bad” based on what you eat…

Please know that you don’t have to live in self-judgement and shame anymore.

Join me for an innovative and empowering GROUP WORKSHOP SERIES on Intentional Eating.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Honor your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues
  • Enjoy ALL foods
  • Choose the foods that are right for you
  • Appreciate and have gratitude for your body
  • Become aware about what you truly want and need in a holistic way
  • Practice sustainable self care and eating habits that will last a lifetime

As a result, you’ll know a new freedom and a new happiness. You’ll have the confidence and self-compassion to feel great about yourself, no matter what. AND you’ll be able to nourish and nurture yourself on the deepest levels. Now tell me, doesn’t that sound fantastic?

We start Tuesday, March 1, and we’ll meet for six consecutive weeks on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm via Zoom. The cost is $525. Register Here.




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