Your Weight won’t be in Your Obituary

by | May 18, 2022

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Your Weight Won’t be in your Obituary


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Back to the matter at hand: Your weight won’t be in your obituary. Pretty grim topic, I know, but I want to put something into perspective.

It’s spring, and I’m hearing a lot of women complain about their body size and shape and how they’re going to look in photographs. Weddings, graduations, vacations, etc, etc.

I can certainly understand wanting to look your best in photos. In this day of manic photo journaling that memorializes every moment of our lives on half a dozen social media platforms, you see and judge your body size and shape all the time.

But is that really who you are?

Many, many years from now, your friends, sisters, brothers, neighbors, colleagues, and your kids are going to look at pictures and think back to these days and remember not your weight, but who you really were.

Your love, your humor, the way you made people feel comfortable, that funny face you made when trying not to laugh, that other funny face you made holding back tears of joy because you’re so proud of him/her/them. That you were always there.

And how you were forever grateful to be included in their lives.

So, with all the things you have to focus on this spring, all the ways you want to be present for the people you love, please don’t focus on or try to diet or squish your body into a size or shape you’re not.

They love you for who you really are. Get on board with that.

Much love,


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