Five Holiday Food Gifts that Won’t Kill You

by | Dec 14, 2020

How’s that for a catchy subject line? Would you consider it ‘click bait’? I’ve been tasked with making my correspondence more compelling, and that’s my swing at it. But enough about me and my sophomoric attempts at marketing. Let’s talk about you.

It’s December 14. It’s likely that you subscribe to one of the numerous winter celebrations that involve gift giving. If you’re like me, you’re looking at that list of friends and family and wondering what to do about those people who have everything. It’s a cliché, I know. But things become cliché because they’re true.

So, I’ve put together an inspired list of 5 options. They center around food, because I’m always thinking about food. And these aren’t full of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, and they’re free of preservatives and other suspicious ingredients. In short, they won’t kill you. (See how I brought it all together?)

While I’ve got you here, I wanted to put in a plug for several organizations that could use a gift – one that isn’t actually food but that will go toward getting food in the hands of people who need it. I’ve worked with each of these organizations in some capacity over the years, and can vouch for the good work they do.

DC Central Kitchen

Capital Area Food Bank

Arlington Food Assistance Center

And now….

Five Holiday Food Gifts that Won’t Kill You

1. They say you should give gifts that you would like to receive. I am always excited to try new teas and spices. Spice And Tea

2. I hadn’t heard of these folks until I did a deep Google dive last week. I love what they’re doing here, and there are so many choices! Food To Live

3. These folks have a great thing going on. Innovative sauces and condiments… don’t be thrown off by “Keto” and “Paleo”. All their stuff is free of refined sugar and yet still delicious. My favorite right now is the Golden BBQ Sauce. It’s just the right amount of heat, and I won’t judge you if you drizzle in a little maple syrup to round it out. Primal Kitchen

4. This one makes my heart sing. A wholesome twist on the stereotypical Gourmet Italian Gift Basket, this includes a variety of wholesome grains and legumes. Gustiamo

5. The crowning glory of thoughtful food gifts. Happy to give you my mailing address if you’d like to send one of these my way. It’s a box of fresh organic produce. It could be used for juicing, for roasting, even eating right out of the box (probably ought to wash first). Melissa’s

Best holiday wishes and Happy New Year to you and to everyone who makes you smile.




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