Ozempic and Emotional Eating

by | Mar 14, 2024

Weight loss drugs are curious to me.
Ozempic, Wegovy – all the GLP-1 RAs.
How do they work?  Well, GLP-1 is a hormone that your body makes naturally in response to eating that, among other things, slows down your stomach’s emptying. 
The medications are injectable doses of GLP-1. Your stomach stays full longer so you don’t feel hungry as often. You eat less, less frequently.
The food fills your stomach hole.
I find many women don’t eat just when they’re hungry.  They eat when they’re bored, sad, stressed, angry, feel unappreciated… their eating food often has nothing to do with whether their stomach is empty or full.
This kind of hunger has to do with soothing emotions and feeling comforted. 
Filling the soul hole.
GLP-1 isn’t the fix for soul hunger.
There are a few approaches – three pronged – to overcoming soul hunger.  The first is proactive – how do you set up your life so you’re not so stressed or bored?
The second one is reactive – what skills can you develop and habits can you put in place that can fill the soul hole when it needs filling?

The third is based in self compassion – how can you react to yourself when you choose to eat for non-hunger reasons?  How can you not see it as a failure and not beat yourself up about it?

This is the kind of growth and change of attitude I choose to focus on with my clients. 
What’s great about this approach is that the way you eat and your relationship with food lay a foundation for the way you live your life

If you can have healthy boundaries and feel confident with food, those qualities will flow into your relationships with people, how you show up in the workplace, and, well, everything.
All good stuff.
Of course both come with side effects.
GLP-1 side effects:  constipation, reduction of lean muscle, weight loss
Soul Hole Work side effects:  enriched personal growth, peace of mind, contentment
Which is more appealing to you? Both have merit.
If you’d like to chat about it, to suss out where you’re at with your relationship with food and what goals would be worth the time, effort, and money for you to pursue, click here for a Free One on One Personalized Consultation.  It’s 25 minutes on Zoom, and I’m eager to connect with you!  I’m available Tuesday through Saturday every week.


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