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by | Jun 1, 2021

News Flash! Fruits and Vegetables are Good For You!

So true, and in so many ways, but this latest study shows they reduce stress. Australian researchers assessed the fruit and vegetable intake and self-reported stress levels of 8,689 men and women aged over 25 and found… wait for it… people with the highest intake of fruits and vegetables were associated with having the lowest levels of stress. To quote: “These findings support current recommendations that fruit and vegetables are essential for health and well-being.” Ahhh, the sweet taste of validation. *******

Huddle Up, Folks!

We’re Doing A Group Workshop!

Finally, it’s here! Launching June 30, I’m hosting a group course in Intuitive Eating. I’m calling it “Trusting Yourself: a 6 Week Introduction to Intuitive Eating”. It’s going to be an informative, entertaining course with a fantastic group of people, especially if you’re in it. I hope you’ll join us! It starts June 30 and meets on Wednesday evenings at 6pm through August 4. Just $25 a week! Reach out to me and get more info here, just put “Group” in the subject line. The dates can be flexible, let me know if something different would be better for you.Share with a friend… because you care.


Coffee Info You Want to Know:

I read studies so you don’t have to, and there are a couple of new ones about coffee. Keep in mind these studies are not intended to impact public health policy, but it’s always cool to know what’s going on in the world of research. (Is it, Jennifer? Is it really?)

  1. I found this one counterintuitive: Researchers found that people with cardiac conditions like hypertension or arrhythmia were more likely to drink less coffee than those without. Something to do with genes. The lead investigator suggests that the body knows to avoid coffee if it has those conditions. I love this hypothesis, because I believe the body is brilliant and knows how to take care of itself.
  2. There were two studies that found that drinking a daily cup of coffee cuts the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by about 5%. Interesting note, the results were more marked in those who drank brewed coffee vs. instant.
  3. This study showed that over the course of 2 weeks, coffee usage resulted in a reduction of brain volume in the temporal lobe, the part that impacts memory. They’re not sure why this happened, and the effect reversed after 10 days of abstinence.

The take away? More will be revealed, none of these studies are flawless, and there are pros and cons to coffee consumption. Best I can tell, the old “everything in moderation” still stands. Share with a friend… because you care. *******

BONUS! A recipe!

I talked about coffee. Coffee goes nicely with cookies. But what if the coffee was in the cookie? Here is a recipe for Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies. This recipe is similar to the ones Gourmet to Go in St. Louis made when I worked there back in the 90’s, and they are sooooo good. I hope you treat yourself to one. And if you don’t think you can trust yourself to have just one, consider joining me for the Trusting Yourself: a 6-week Group Course in Intuitive Eating. I would love to see you there!


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Share with a friend… because you care.


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