I’m Not Out to Kill You. Love, your body

by | May 31, 2022

I’m Not Out To Kill You

Love, Your Body

It’s been my party line for some time now that you can eat whatever you want.

In response, my clients typically freak out and tell me that if they could eat whatever they wanted they’d faceplant in a bakery case and eat Bavarian cream filled, chocolate ganache covered eclairs until they burst (no, wait, that’s me).

But you won’t.

I know something that you might not know that will keep you from compulsively overeating – I know that you can trust your body. (Cue gasps and incredulous headshaking).

The challenge is that we’ve been trained to mistrust our bodies. We’ve been trained to believe that our bodies are out to get us and if left unchecked they’ll destroy us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You walk around in a brilliant machine. It breathes, pumps, absorbs, and regenerates itself every minute of every day all on its own. It knows what it needs. The challenge is that you’ve been trained to ignore it.

There are at least 5 hormones and neurotransmitters coursing through your blood to help tell you when to stop eating e.g. leptin, serotonin, CCK, GLP-1, PYY (so many letters). Why can’t you hear them?

Diets, as well as so much of our culture and social media, make their money by convincing you that you can’t trust your body. They’re more than happy to tell you what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it. But that just gets you further away from hearing your natural hunger and satiety cues. Your body is designed to give you these messages. You don’t need a 72 billion dollar industry to tell you what your body already knows.

You can trust your body. Even if you had free reign to eat all the eclairs you could dream of, your body would tell you when to stop. At some point, if you’re listening, your body will say “Hey, this has been fun, but I’m going to need some protein and maybe a couple of Brussels sprouts now.”

You can trust your body. It wants the best for you. Think about it, your body has a vested interest in keeping you healthy.

My clients are able to live this way, and so can you. It does take time and practice – you’ll be learning a whole new language. But you can do it, and I’m happy to teach you how.

As one client shared: “I’m learning to listen to my inner cues and respond organically to my hunger and fullness.” Can you imagine how liberating that would be for you?!? That can be you.

I’ve put together a 12-session, personalized program to help you improve your relationship with food so you can free up from compulsive and emotional eating. I’ll teach you a new approach to eating so you can feel confident in your food choices and – because the way you eat is a microcosm of the way you do everything – you’ll feel confident in every area of your life.

I can help you free up from overeating so you can eat your food and live your life without guilt or shame. Learn about the Program here.

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