It’s Easy! Eat Dessert Without Guilt Now!

by | Jul 5, 2023

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It’s Easy! How to Eat Dessert without Guilt

Indulging in a delicious dessert can be delightful, but too often the fun is followed by guilt that dampens the enjoyment. Good news, though, by honoring your hunger, feeling your fullness, and seeking satisfaction, you can savor your dessert without any remorse. Here’s a guide on how to eat dessert without guilt by using these cues.

Listen to Your Hunger Cues:

Before diving into dessert, take a moment to assess your hunger levels. Are you truly hungry or just craving something sweet? Learning to distinguish between genuine hunger and wanting a fun food is key.

Set the Scene:

Sit down. Get a napkin. Be present.  This isn’t your run of the mill “something to eat,” this is something special. Take the time to slow down and appreciate the experience.  Respect the food.

Choose Mindfully:

When it comes to selecting a dessert, opt for something that truly appeals to you. Instead of mindlessly reaching for a random treat, take the time to consider what you genuinely desire. By choosing a dessert you genuinely enjoy, you’re more likely to feel satisfied and less likely to overindulge.  Are you craving sweet? Salty? Hot? Cold? Creamy? Crunchy?  Take the time to pause and get really clear on this.

Portion Control:

How much do you really need?  Well, you’re eating for fun, not for fuel.  If you are hungry and need fuel, reach for nutrient dense food and eat until you’re full.  If you’re in it for fun, as you are with dessert, you don’t need to fill up.  You simply need to have enough to savor and enjoy and become satisfied. 

Pay Attention to Fullness Cues:

Remember, fullness is different than satisfaction.  If you’re eating dessert, that is, eating for fun, registering fullness means you’ve gone to far.  It’s likely that you were hungry, and next time try a nutrient dense snack or meal.  Then, when the driver is that you’d like to enjoy a dessert, you can tune in to your level of satisfaction.

Practice Moderation:

While it’s important to satisfy your sweet tooth, moderation is key. Aim to strike a balance between enjoying your dessert and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate dessert into your diet in a way that aligns with your goals and overall well-being. This way, you can indulge guilt-free while still maintaining a balanced diet.

Seek Satisfaction:

Satisfaction involves all the senses, it’s not about how your stomach feels.  Taste, texture, sight, smell, sound – be present and appreciate all these sensations.  Be honest and stop eating when you’ve satisfied the whole range of experience.  Pro tip:  when you’re eating ice cream, notice when your tongue gets cold and no longer registers taste.  That’s a time to consider stopping, since you’re not completely experiencing it any longer.

Let Go of Guilt:

From the start, realize that there is nothing wrong with wanting dessert.  There’s no moral value to food – it’s neither “good” or “bad,” so you’re not good or bad for eating it.  No foods are off limits to you. 

Guilt has no place at the dessert table. Remind yourself that enjoying a treat is a normal part of a balanced lifestyle. Instead of feeling guilty about indulging, focus on the pleasure and satisfaction you’re experiencing.

So, eating dessert without guilt is possible by tuning into your hunger cues and seeking satisfaction. By listening to your body, choosing mindfully, and eating mindfully, you can savor your dessert guilt-free. Remember to seek satisfaction and let go of guilt, allowing yourself to enjoy the experience fully. Desserts can be a source of pleasure and enjoyment – do them, and you, the respect of enjoying them with awareness and balance.


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